About me

Hi, I’m Julie. I love:

  • my two little boys (oh, and my handsome husband)
  • chocolate (except for white chocolate – that’s not really even chocolate! yuck.)
  • iced coffee, even in the winter
  • hearing rain falling on the roof
  • road trips (windows down, music up!)
  • autumn (spring is a close second) – this might actually be the other way around, now that I think about it.
  • jeans and cute sneakers
  • science!  I have my PhD in molecular biology – yes, I am a nerd.
  • the color orange
  • sushi
  • Chapstick (but only the stuff in the blue tube – cherry Chapstick makes my mouth feel funny.)
  • naps
  • and photography, of course!  I serve the greater Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metro areas.


It makes me so happy to capture cherished memories for my clients. If you’re interested in booking a session, please contact me at info@julieblumphotography.com or by clicking the Contact button above. I can’t wait to meet you!


My ‘About Me’ photo was taken by my good friend and fellow photographer Jess at Jessie Clicks, located in Littleton, MA.